False Lights

1st April 2014

I'm really excited to announce the launch of my new band False Lights. This is a loud folk project I've been working on with Jim Moray over the past few months as we work towards our headline show at Folk East Festival on Sunday 17th August. For more details check out the website, and keep up to READ MORE

Pakistan Part Three: Show Time

26th January 2014

As Friday comes around it's finally time to start putting all this preparation into practice with our first concert. We're playing in the Crystal Ballroom in the Marriott Hotel, Karachi. As I arrive at the venue I'm confronted with the following scene: A pretty impressive-looking venue, and I'm a little jealous of those in the front row getting to READ MORE

Pakistan Part Two: Gora Munda

24th January 2014

Wednesday begins with another rehearsal with Sajid (sitar) and Haroon (tabla), we’re developing some more material for our concerts which take place on Friday and Saturday (click here for a live stream for the Saturday show). Inspired by the different raags (a raag is a little like a scale but not quite, see here) I’m hearing, I start READ MORE

Pakistan Part One: The Squagel

20th January 2014

I arrived in Karachi yesterday after a long flight, my lasting memory of which was ordering something called a Squagel whilst in transit in Dubai* airport. How I decided on ordering this particular culinary marvel I’ve no idea. I was tired and hungry and there were flashing neon lights with pictures of food on them. 'It's a square bagel. Makes sense when READ MORE

The Enigma Of Nic Jones

29th September 2013

It's a huge thrill to finally get to see Michael Proudfoot's excellent Nic Jones documentary, which had its TV premier on BBC4 on Friday night. A bit of talking and playing from me in there and it's a real honour to have been involved. It's wonderful to see how the life of this great storyteller has itself become a great READ MORE

Celebrating Sanctuary

17th June 2013

I had a great time yesterday playing with Lucky Moyo, a Zimbabwean singer who I've been collaborating with as part of Celebrating Sanctuary, itself an event that forms part of Refugee Week, a week-long series of events to promote the cause of refugees within the UK. The day kicked off for me at 6am making my way to New READ MORE

Free guitar tab!

12th April 2013

Calling guitar players: I get lots of interest in and questions about my guitar arrangements and so I've decided to start transcribing the stuff for you. Kicking off with 'Dreams Are Made Of Money' available here. Enjoy!

March Tour: Thanks!

1st April 2013

As the March section of my tour draws to a close I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to the shows. I've been all over from Lancashire to Dorset this time, and it isn't really over yet; I have plenty more shows coming up in April and May. Keep an eye on the READ MORE